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Do you ever wish your home were more glamorous?  More chic?  More cozy?  Are you tired of the same wallpaper and furniture year after year?  Do you want it to look brand new, even after you've lived there a decade?

We'll inspect your home, your needs, and your wants to build you a beautiful style that will last for years to come.  You don't have to move to live somewhere new--you just need a redesign!



We start with a complete review of your home, inside and out.  Our staging professional will meet with you to discuss goals, expectations, and how to receive maximum return on your home improvement dollars.

We'll show you how to look at your home from a buyer's perspective: your home's best features, its trouble spots, and the simplest and most affordable way to seal that first impression.

~LET'SGofor a ride~

First Street Interiors partners with realtors and homeowners to transform homes and reveal their full potential.

Whether you want to boost your quality of living or speed up the sale of your home, we have the drive to get you there.  Here's how: